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Brad and Michelle

Brad and Michelle Lindsay - Owners, CEO and CFO

In 2001, Brad and Michelle Lindsay took a leap and started Supply Chain Management in New Zealand. The idea initially was to be a one stop shop for the customer and manage all of their supply chain requirements. That idea grew as did the company and it soon morphed into Supply Chain Solutions. Integrity, high work standards and ethics are paramount in the running of Supply Chain Solutions and Brad and Michelle have built a loyal strong team around them that exude these key aptitudes.

Today, SCS NZ is the largest B2C 3PL in New Zealand with an array of various customers ranging from Blue chip companies, Government Departments, SME and startups.

In 2019 they co-founded a digital Agency called Glass Elephant with the idea to augment their Direct to Consumer 3pl operation. The business rapidly scaled up in their first year. The global scaling of their customers highlighted  a lack of quality DTC 3PLs. Promises of same day shipping and high stock order accuracy were frequently delivering appalling inventory losses and orders that were days (and in peak times) weeks behind.

From that customer feedback and experience, the idea to start a Global 3PL was born. Today Supply Chain Global has rapidly expanded the business into the main hubs of Europe, USA and Canada. Next year, another 3-4 facilities will open around the world adding to the already attractive option to customers who just want to deal with one company, one logistic platform, one integration and one account manager, for all their product movement around the world.

Adrian Mapp - Senior Director Europe and UK

Having held Senior Director operational positions within global fortune 500 companies, Adrian’s logistics experience spans 25 years.

A specialist in organisational development and process design, he has led major
transformation projects across FMCG, Warehousing, Freight and Courier networks winning global awards for process innovation and design.

A LEAN Six Sigma Black Belt since 2014 he has delivered over 22 Million in process
efficiency across Western and Central Europe.    

Adrian Mapp
Rachel Mapp

Rachel Mapp - Director Finance & Customer Services Europe and UK

Rachels career has been centred around finance and customer services. A specialist in customer service and finance she has a career spanning property development,
investment, finance consultancy, start up investment management.

A specialist in organisational development and welfare she is inspirational in building strong dynamic customer service teams.          

Sebastian Gil - UK Operations Manager

Seb is a team lead at our UK facility. With ten years’ experience in the ambulance service, he brings vast knowledge and skills in working in a fast-paced pressured environment.

Being a team lead Seb, brings a high standard of communication and people skills whilst maintaining a happy welcoming work environment for his warehouse team. He strives for the success of his warehouse team through accuracy, KPI fulfillment and happy customers.      

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