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Supply Chain Solutions USA: Order Accuracy Milestone


In ecommerce, order accuracy is one of the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)  to gauge the quality of your 3PL provider and it creates the foundation of trust between your brand and your customers. 

What is order accuracy rate?‍
Order accuracy rate is an ecommerce KPI used to determine the percentage of  orders are fulfilled to each client’s specifications and shipped to the customer with no errors.  These errors include, mis-pick of an item, wrong item quantity, damaged item, and more. Order accuracy rate is an important metric as it highly impacts the customer’s overall experience.

How is order accuracy calculated?
Order picking accuracy = number of orders that are picked and shipped with no errors/ total number of orders picked that period × 100

What is a benchmark for Order Accuracy Rate?
Most 3PLs and ecommerce shippers strive for an order accuracy rate of 96% – 98% with best in class defined as  achieving an order accuracy rate of 99.8% of orders shipped .  Supply Chain Solutions USA holds itself to a higher standard, which is reflected in the fact that it just celebrated a 12-month rolling period with an order accuracy greater than 99.9%.   This type of dedication and accuracy is one of the many things that set’s us apart from the typical ecommerce 3PL. 

I would like to personally thank all of the dedicated and skilled team members of the SCS USA facility for achieving such a remarkable milestone.

Well done and I’m proud of you!

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